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Screed rails

  • High degree of rigidity and stability
  • Ease of use
  • High level of adhesion of aluminum to various plaster mixtures
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The works on plastering of wall and ceiling structures refer to the most complex and time-consuming types of the final finishing of premises. Our company offers not only different types of plasterer rules, but also high quality aluminum screed rails for repair and construction teams.


During plastering of walls and ceilings, a foreman needs to achieve the most even layer of cement mortar. This allows to get the most even and smooth surface in the end.

Screed rails allow to reach such a result with less time and consumables spent. The most popular screed rails are made of:

  • galvanized steel,
  • aluminum.

Our company offers you screed rails which have some practical advantages:

  • high degree of rigidity and stability, after plaster mortar has dried, due to the perforated structure;
  • ease of use: aluminum is a metal that is easily cut and perfectly formed into various designs without the use of additional tools;
  • excellent final result due to the high degree of adhesion of aluminum to various plaster mixtures.


In the practical use of screed rails, it’s necessary to keep a number of rules:

  • the width of the distances between embedded plaster screeds should not be less than the width of the screed rail;
  • to fasten a screed rail to a wall or ceiling structure, it is necessary to apply to the joint a special mortar, into which the screed can be drowned as much as possible by physical effort.

After the final plaster layer has dried, screed rails become hidden in the depth of covering and are absolutely invisible.