Products made of rolled aluminum
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Aluminum foil

  • used in all areas of activity
  • safe-health material
  • excelent consumer properties
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Technical aluminum foil finds its application in many life spheres. Such as:

  • production: as package material for various foods;
  • printing industry: for stamping;
  • construction of various buildings and structures: as a layer of multilayered steam and heat insulation system;
  • assembly of heat pipelines and routes of cold water supply;
  • pharmaceutical industry: blisters manufacturing for the packaging of pills.

There are a lot of other ways to use aluminum foil. This material is absolutely nontoxic, safe for human health and environment and has excellent consumer features:

  • high degree of heat insulation;
  • ensuring of the complete insulation from moisture and steam penetration;
  • long lifetime.

Aluminum foil has also excellent reflective features, plasticity and corrosion resistance. For different goods, foil has a role of a barrier to air and moisture, to microbes penetration and temperature effects. It is very flexible, that is easily takes on a necessary form. Under high temperatures influence, technical aluminum foil doesn’t melt and doesn’t deform, which, for example, is a perfect condition for sealing. With all its advantages, foil has low specific weight and aesthetic appearance.

Our company produces all types of aluminum foil according to actual GOST standards.

Aluminum foil in rolls

We present the following alloys of aluminum foil in rolls:

  • Alloys: 1050, 3003, 8011, 8006 according to EN 573, EN 485
  • Alloys: А0, А5, А6, АМц according to GOST 4784–97, 618–73

Specifications of a roll

thickness 0,06 – 0,2 mm
width 30 – 1050 mm
outer diameter (мах) 600 mm
inner diameter 76 mm (aluminum spool), 152 mm (aluminum or cardboard spool)

Sale of aluminum foil. Supply conditions

Н18, Н19 (Н), Н12, Н14, Н16, Н22, Н24, Н26 (М).

Aluminum foil from ANKOR company has high quality and long lifetime. We supply products with no defects and damage. The quality of output products is constantly monitored by a specialized quality department, which was created on the basis of our company. All details on ordering of aluminum bands you may specify at the specialists of our company, as well as fill in a questionnaire for products ordering.