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“Do-it-yourself” anti-mosquito window screens

  • Ease of assembly
  • Does not require special skills and equipment
  • Reliable structure
  • To order

Our company has developed a set of universal components for self-assembly and installation of anti-mosquito window screens. The set represents a construction kit which can be self-assembled by everybody and installed on window screen.

The profile of anti-mosquito window screens is a special aluminum structure that allows to fasten anti-mosquito screens securely in the window aperture or in the doorway. It is the basis with the following properties:

  • durability;
  • endurance of adverse environmental conditions;
  • safe fixing.

To assemble an anti-mosquito window screen, you have to choose the appropriate anti-mosquito profiles. Our company offers the following types:

  • for hinged casement windows;
  • for balcony doors;
  • for window ventlights;
  • standard complete sets.