Products made of rolled aluminum
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Open 24.12.2019 Propane Propane in cylinders GOST 20-448 Send request
Open 24.12.2019 Oxygen Oxygen in cylinders GOST 5583-78 Send request
Open 11.12.2019 Manganese ligature Ligature Mn80%F20% in tablets Send request
Open 10.12.2019 Anhydrous liquefied ammonia Ammonia in cylinders AK GOST 6221-90 Send request
Open 09.12.2019 Ligature Ligature Cr80%F20% Send request
Open 09.12.2019 The caustic soda Sodium caustic scaly STO 0020 3312-017-2011, ed.1,2 Send request
Open 20.11.2019 Cover-refining flux

Flux for deformable alloys

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Open 20.11.2019 Foam ceramic filter

Foam ceramic filter with seal 178/148h178/148h50 30rr

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Open 20.11.2019 The primary zinc C0 (1)

Zinc primary in ingots for foundry production

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