Products made of rolled aluminum
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Aluminum strip

  • used in the insulation of walls and pipe joints
  • long life, fire resistance, high level of heat insulation
  • antibacterial properties
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Nowadays an aluminum strip represents one of the most popular and high-demand kinds of rolled aluminum. Our aluminum strip is characterized with high quality and long lifetime. We supply products with no defects and damage. The quality of output products is constantly monitored by a specialized quality department, which was created on the basis of our company.

Aluminum strips application and advantages

Aluminum strips are widely used for heat, noise and steam insulation of wall structures and pipe joints. The main application areas include:

  • execution of repair works,
  • construction of buildings and facilities,
  • stamping of details of complex profile,
  • installation of various structures, components and assemblies,
  • in food processing industry,
  • in instrument making industry,
  • in manufacturing of frames, bearing elements, profiles.

Aluminum strips are very convenient to use. The main advantages of the product are long lifetime, fire resistance and high level of heat insulation. Strips can be used in quite difficult conditions under the influence of various atmospheric phenomena and sunbeams. High quality material ensures reliable protection of a construction against the destroying under the influence of steam, and it well carries additional mechanical loads. Aluminum strips have as well high stability to corrosion, lightness and strength, it helps use it in combination with any building materials.

The represented product is characterized by high chemical resistance, in contrast with steel constructions it is non-magnetic, has antibacterial properties and ensures fine surface insulation.

An indicator of the quality of aluminum strips is the absence of unevenness, prints from rolls, streaks and corrosion. There also should be no holes, scratches, bulges, dents or curved edges. No visible horizontal stripes, annealing marks and oily spots are allowed.

Depending on the manufacturing technology, products are divided into products with symmetrical and non-symmetrical thickness deviations, as well as products with a normal and increased degree of accuracy.

The manufacturing of products from rolled aluminum is one of the main activities of ANKOR company. We guarantee the high quality of all products manufactured on the special equipment using state-of-the-art technologies.

All details on ordering of aluminum strips you may specify at the specialists of our company, as well as fill in a questionnaire for products ordering.

Strip manufacturing is executed according to GOST 13726–97 and meets all quality requirements that apply to this type of product. Alloys 1050, 3003, 3105, 8006, 8011 are used in production according to EN 573, EN 485, as well as А0, А5, А6, АМц according to GOST 4784–97, 13726–97.

The supply of aluminum strips is carried out in rolls, which have the following specifications:

Specifications of a roll

thickness 0,2÷1,2 mm
width 50÷1000 mm
outer diameter (мах) 1050 mm
inner diameter 152 mm, 300 mm, 400 mm, 500 mm
steel spool 152 mm

The thickness of the product varies from 0,2 to 1,2 mm and depends on the area of its further application. In our company you can order aluminum strips of any thickness to solve a wide range of tasks.

Supply condition: Н18, Н19 (Н), Н12, Н14, Н16, Н22, Н24, Н26 (М).