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Aluminum tube

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In Russian market ANKOR company represents a wide range of aluminum tubes of any dimension types and modifications ex warehouse and on order. The quality of the represented products is confirmed with corresponding certificates, as well as with the trust of many customers.

The aluminum tubes production is carried out using actual State Standards (GOSTs) and under constant control starting from initial check of all raw materials, which are used in production, till final machining of products.

Since our products can be used in different conditions, in critical engineering areas, where temperature drops, high humidity or extreme pressure occur, their quality should be at the highest level.

Aluminum tube – application

Aluminum tubes find wide application in different industrial fields, in construction and manufacturing. Nowadays the sphere of application of aluminum tubes is wider than ever. They can be used:

  • in the cooling system of refrigerating equipment;
  • in automotive components production;
  • in door handles production;
  • in calorifier equipment production;
  • in sports inventory production;
  • in folding furniture production;
  • in the production of cable sleeves, lugs and connectors;
  • at the laying of utility facilities and water supply;
  • at the organizing of natural gas feeding;
  • at the ensuring of electric wiring insulation.

Many aluminum structures, particularly aluminum tubes, are used also in the production of billboards, retail store equipment, furniture, show-cases.

For its customers ANKOR offers all types of aluminum tubes, which can be used in any kind of industrial activity.

Product range

Nowadays the assortment of our company includes the following shapes of tubes:

  • round
  • rectangular
  • shaped
  • square

The tubes are produced based on several technologies. This defines its consumer properties and type: cold-rolled tubes, extruded tubes and welded tubes with straight welding seam.

We produce tubes either without length restriction or in strict compliance with the dimension specified by a customer. According to the wall thickness tubes are divided into the samples with the thickness less than 5mm and more than 5mm.

Besides you can order cold-rolled tubes, annealed tubes, tubes with artificial and natural ageing.

Also we offer you tubes for special use:

Tube dimension
∅ 4,75х1mm
∅ 5х0,7mm
∅ 6,35х1mm
∅ 6,35х0,8mm
∅ 7х0,8mm
∅ 7х1mm
∅ 8х0,6mm
∅ 8х0,7mm
∅ 8х0,75mm
∅ 8х1mm
∅ 8х0,5mm
∅ 8х0,8mm
∅ 8х1,5mm
∅ 9х1mm
∅ 9,52х0,9mm
∅ 9,52х1mm
∅ 12х0,6mm
∅ 12х1mm
∅ 13х1,2mm
∅ 14,5х0,65mm
∅ 16х1mm
∅ 16х1,2mm
∅ 17х1mm
∅ 19х0,8mm
∅ 23х3mm
∅ 10х1mm
∅ 9,52х1,2mm
∅ 12,75х1,2mm
∅ 12,75х1,75mm
∅ 15,88х1,2mm
∅ 15,88х1,75mm
∅ 19,05х1,5mm
∅ 15,87х1,5mm
∅ 12,7х1,2mm
∅ 14,5х0,8mm

Aluminum tubes ordering

Our company has a great experience in the manufacturing and supplying of rolled aluminum, that’s why we can offer to our customers not only the products of the highest quality at favorable prices, but also short delivery time, quality assurance and execution of orders of any volume.

We are ready to fruitful cooperation with the companies of any form of ownership.

For the development of the effective client policy, there is a whole staff of highly qualified specialists who take into account all your wishes. We offer individual terms of cooperation for every client.

For more information about the conditions of the order, its payment and delivery, you may contact a specialist of our company by the specified phone numbers.

Product certificates