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Plasterer rule

  • High-strength aluminum alloy
  • We will make according to your sizes
  • To order

A plasterer rule is a tool with the help of which a craftsman makes the walls surfaces maximally even and smooth when executing the finishing decoration works. A plasterer rule is widely used for these purposes at different building and plastering works. The products are executed in trapezoidal form from high-strength aluminum alloy.

In working with this tool an important role is played by an additional stiffener and special elements that ensure reliable protection of the internal profile against building mortars and mixtures.

Our company is ready to supply this type of plasterer tools based on extruded profile in any quantity.

We will manufacture plasterer rules according to your individual dimensions.

A plasterer rule of “trapeze” type without baffle with lengths 1; 1,5; 2; 2,5; 3 meters are made of aluminum profile. It serves for removing (cutting off) of small unevenness, for surface forming, and it meets the requirements of high quality plaster.

For further information about a plasterer rule you may consult with a specialist of ANKOR. We assure the high quality of all products, long lifetime and affordable prices.

All products have necessary quality certificates.