Products made of rolled aluminum
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Aluminum floor plinths

  • High quality
  • Long life
  • Installation does not require additional fasteners
  • To order

Aluminum floor plinths are used during the final finishing of premises. They are decorative details of the interior, which can also carry other functions, such as:

  • additional butt heat insulation;
  • laying of wires and cables;
  • preservation of wall and floor finishing materials.


Aluminum floor plinths are of high quality and long operational life. Floor aluminum plinths are designed for finishing of kitchens, offices and other premises, requiring additional strength and durability of the profile. The mounting of floor plinths is carried out using an applied adhesive composition and doesn’t require additional fastening.

Floor plinths cover the compensation groove between the floor and walls, if necessary they mask the unevenness of the floor and walls near their joint, additional wires and cables can be embedded into it.


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