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Stretch ceiling profile

  • Fastening reliability
  • High level of stretching
  • Attractive appearance
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A Stretch Ceiling is a suspended ceiling system consisting of two basic components – a perimeter track and lightweight fabric membrane which stretches and clips into the track. For the first time stretching ceilings were introduced in France in 1984, in the Russian market they appeared a bit later, in 1995.

Initially stretching ceilings were used in the offices and apartments with ceiling defects which were hard to eliminate. At the moment stretching ceilings become more actual and popular as a component of a modern interior. They come into use in offices, apartments, cottages and many other objects.

The popularity of stretching ceilings is explained by some factors:

  • excellent modern appearance;
  • the ability to visually increase or decrease spaces, to upper and lower the ceiling, to hide the defects;
  • long service life;
  • environment friendly material;
  • reliable protection from flooding from above;
  • easy installation without preliminary preparation of ceiling surface.

But to observe all these parameters, only high quality component materials should be used during the assembly:

  • profile for stretching ceilings (ceiling profile): code number АН 003-2420-1, the profile is designed to make and install stretching ceilings;
  • garnish molding for stretching ceilings;
  • special cloth permeated with polymeric composition;
  • PVC film.

A garnish molding as well as an aluminum profile is a fastening structure that ensures some parameters:

  • fastening reliability;
  • sufficient level of stretching;
  • attractive appearance.

Types of profiles and garnish moldings, their intended use

Universal garnish molding used with curved and volumetric structures
Walling garnish molding used for membrane fastening to the wall construction
Ceiling garnish molder used for stretch ceiling fastening to the surface of stationary ceiling
Separating garnish molding necessary at the mounting of big area stretching ceilings for additional fastening points

Buy garnish molding for stretch ceilings

For experts we offer a wide range of profiles for stretch ceilings. You may order the products of necessary size and quantity. For ordering, please, contact our sales managers.