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  • used as an anchors formwork in concrete structures
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Tubes out of carbon steel for monolithic concrete structures

The tubes of this type are flexible duct-forming elements, used in the construction of concrete structures with the application of prestressing effect. This effect is used in the construction of the monolithic spans of road bridges, in the construction of buildings, foundations, and other objects, where flexible tubes made of carbon steel act as duct-formers. This tube is also used as a formwork for anchor wells.

The tubes of this type are made of corrugated carbon steel. When connecting tubes to each other with couplings, the length is practically unlimited.

A duct-former is made in the form of a corrugated tube, which, as a two-way thread, provides high radial strength and hardness necessary to perceive the pressure of concrete mix and local forces.

The material of tubes – carbon steel with thickness (S1) 0,30-0,50 mm

The length of corrugated flexible tubes: 5 m

Connecting coupling: 0,3 – 15 m

DN diameter of flexible tubes: 30 - 205 mm

Thread pitch: 24 + 1,5 mm

The temperature range, at which the usage of flexible tubes is possible: -50°… +100°C.

Currently duct-formers made of aluminum strip are being tested.


The duct-formers manufactured by OOO “ANKOR” were used in the construction of the following objects:

  • An overpass near the airport in Kazan.
  • The bridge across the Kondurcha river in Samara region.
  • The bridge across the Sok river in Samara region.
  • The bridge across Chapaevka river on the Samara – Volgograd highway in the Bezenchuk district, Samara region.
  • An overpass near the village of Vodino, Samara region.